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Students in the Massage Degree and Diploma Programs Treat Chronic Pain

Individuals in the Therapeutic Massage Degree and Diploma programs use massage therapy to help treat patients with chronic pain from the Family Medicine Center’s Pain Management Clinic.

Students from IBMC’s Massage program had the opportunity work with patients with chronic pain issues from the Family Medicine Center’s Pain Management Clinic, division of Poudre Valley Hospital—University of Colorado Health, through a therapeutic massage pilot program launched nearly a year ago.

Recently, students at the Fort Collins College campus Justine Adair and Susan Carter, both clients of the PMC received massage sessions over the course of several weeks, where they found that their debilitating pain was lessened to the point where certain medicines were stopped, mobility was regained and a sense of well-being was once again restored.

And, they are not alone. Since 2012, nearly 40 pain clients have benefited from the services offered by IBMC’s School of Massage & Healing Arts.

Kathy Randall, LPN11 at the Family Medicine Center, began the program with IBMC College last year to provide complimentary student massages to select pain clients at their facility.

As part of a collaborative effort between the two companies, IBMC has continued to provide a healing component to the current Pain Management Clinic client treatment plans this year, while also imparting students in the massage programs with valuable experience in their craft.

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