Ten New Graduates From The IBMC College Leadership Academy

IBMC College’s Leadership Academy recently celebrated its newest graduates. This is a unique program designed to create organizational awareness and foster the growth of IBMC College employees. Each year, ten employee applicants are carefully selected to be a part of this prestigious opportunity. These “students” learn about our organization through collaboration with different departments. By gaining an understanding of how each department works and functions, the students gain understanding of how the organization functions as a whole. The goal of the program is to create an environment of leadership within our organization. Developing employees who don’t just identify problems and solutions, but caring individuals who understand how those problems and solutions affect our business, our faculty, our staff, and our students.

This week we held the graduation ceremony for our 2014 Leadership Academy Class. We want to thank each and every one of our participants for their hard work and dedication to IBMC College.

Please congratulate these 2014 graduates:

Mark WalkerLeadership-academy-2015

Nacole Shawcross

Lauren Seville

Mary Matsutani

Tamara Moore

Kira McCormack

Cindy Subia

Melissa Meltzer

Rhonda Anderson

Darla McNaney


We are also pleased to announce the final selection of members for IBMC College’s Leadership Academy IV 2015 Class.

Please join us in congratulating the 2015 members:

Shawn Burkett

Jessica Del Castillo

Pamela Evans

Jimmy Henig

Claire Holton-Zenner

Aaron Jacobs

April Lindgren

Dave Mitchell

Kimberly Upton

Meg Oliver