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The Benefits of a Cosmetology Diploma Over an Esthetician Certificate

Esthetician careers were highly sought-after in 2020, and that’s not likely to change in the coming years. But did you know that an Esthetician certificate is not the only path toward a skincare career? You may be surprised to learn that a Cosmetology diploma might be the better choice.

Why Train as a Cosmetologist to Become an Esthetician?

Skincare is booming right now, with an expected growth rate of 17% through 2029. Recent high school grads and career changers alike are drawn to the field. Most IBMC College graduates describe their Esthetician workplaces as fulfilling, low-stress environments.

So why would we urge you to train as a cosmetologist when you really want to become an Esthetician? No, we’re not asking you to change your mind.

The fact is that those who complete their Esthetician certificate programs are fully prepared for the career, but the training is admittedly very focused. With full Cosmetology training, you can become a more holistic beauty professional—with even greater career opportunities than your Esthetician-only peers.

Become a Versatile Beauty Professional

So you have no interest in becoming a hairstylist, barber or nail technician; skincare is your path, and you’re sure of it. You should know that there are still benefits to getting the full beauty school experience.

For one, interests change over time. You may decide you enjoy performing a variety of beauty treatments after learning how to do them in college. You never know until you try. Many students enter IBMC College’s Cosmetology program thinking they’ll specialize in one area, later to decide they’ve changed their mind completely.

Getting holistic training will allow you to explore several other subfields in the beauty industry. After graduation, you’ll be ready to pursue the one you’re most passionate about. Plus, if you change your mind after a few years as a working Esthetician, you’ll already have a broad set of skills that can help you land a different position.

Open the Door to More Career Opportunities

Did you know that IBMC College’s Cosmetology diploma includes all of the same training you would receive with an Esthetician certificate? It also includes training in hair, nails, and business management. That means with a full Cosmetology diploma, you’ll be much better prepared for any career in the beauty field. Today, more employers are seeking well-rounded beauticians. Knowing how to perform a variety of tasks—from hair to skin and nail treatments—can make your resume stand out.

Additionally, many of our graduates have ambitions to start their own businesses like salons and spas. With comprehensive training in a variety of beauty disciplines, you’ll have the knowledge to manage your specialist employees more effectively.

What You’ll Learn as a Cosmetologist

Contrary to what you may have heard, Cosmetology isn’t just about working with hair. Cosmetologists at IBMC College are thoroughly trained in a variety of skills, from skincare to hairstyling, nailcare, and business management. This training can be completed in as little as 13 months—not much longer than an Esthetician certificate.

Learn Skincare

If you’re dreaming of becoming an Esthetician, skincare should be your main focus as a Cosmetologist. You’ll learn how to use wax, lasers and other treatments to remove unwanted hair. You’ll also learn how to professionally apply makeup, give facials and help clients make good decisions about skincare products.

Learn Hairstyling

From cutting hair to dying it and chemically changing hair textures, there is a lot to learn on the salon floor. Hairstyling is a creative endeavor, but it’s also important to develop great communication skills in order to understand your clients’ highly individual needs. At IBMC College’s Student Beauty Services Clinic, which is open to the public, you’ll have the chance to hone your skills with real clients.

Learn Nailcare

Maybe you’re most interested in skincare, but nails are also a blast to work on. There’s probably more to it than you might think. Learn how to hygienically perform manicures and pedicures with all the proper techniques. You’ll file, trim, polish, and repair nails. Plus, you’ll learn how to provide luxurious moisturizing treatments for hands and feet.

Esthetician Certificate or Full Cosmetology Diploma?

An Esthetician certificate can help you to land a great position as an Esthetician with just 6 months of training. It’s hard to argue with that. But, we urge you to also consider your career prospects in the long run as well. A Cosmetology diploma will help you become you a more well-rounded, knowledgeable beauty professional.

If you’re serious about making a career in the beauty industry, why not go all the way? Learn more about IBMC College’s Cosmetology and Esthetician programs by scheduling a visit with a helpful advisor.

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