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Train for a Career You’ll Love

Do you feel stuck in the doldrums of the everyday and ready for a new adventure to spark interest and exuberance in your life?  If your career has dead-ended somewhere that you’re not happy with, then it’s time for a change of pace.  With degree programs focused on job-placement and quick re-entry into the working world, IBMC College can help you write your ticket to a brand new career that is sure to put that spark back into your life.

At IBMC, we know that you’re a busy professional with many mountains to climb.  That’s why select IBMC programs can be completed in as little as 6-19 months (if the prescribed track is followed appropriately).  This fast-focused career training will have you out of the classroom and in the field in no time (without sacrificing valuable training hours or allowing you to feel unprepared).  At IBMC, there’s no tedious waiting or necessary bulk in the curriculum; the focus is to get you on your way and working as quickly as possible.  Your classes will be taught by seasoned instructors who are, in turn, concentrated on giving you the skills and knowledge you need to make you desirable to local employers.

But getting your training is only half of what IBMC has to offer you.  Once you’ve completed your program, IBMC won’t leave you out in the cold.  The professional placement coordinators at IBMC’s Career Services Department are ready to help you find the gig you need to get your foot in the door in your chosen industry.  They will help to place you in a five-week externship program where you will be able to take all the skills and training that you developed at IBMC and apply them to real-world work in your chosen field.  This vital experience will prepare you to make the transition from classroom to workplace, and give you contacts and references in the industry that will help you to secure a job doing what you really want to do.  After you graduate your program (and externship), the career placement team at IBMC will help you to find the perfect job to start you on the road towards your dream career.

Whether you’re looking to help others feel their best with massage, dental work, healthcare work, or cosmetology, or to assist with legal, business, or computer support, IBMC has a program that will get you started towards your goal.  IBMC is now enrolling for upcoming classes; isn’t it time that you made your career dreams a reality?