Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas on a Budget

Valentine's Day is tomorrow.

Valentine’s Day may have your wheels spinning and the notion that your wallet is going to experience a total detox is less than twenty hours.

This is a day of celebration. You can show your affection to the one that you care about without the price tag.

Here are some inexpensive, heartfelt ideas to ensure your Valentine feels special.

1. Purchase blank journal or notebook. Hand-write the top 5, 10, 101 or 1,000 reasons why you love your special someone. What traits do you admire? Why do you cherish this person?

2. Bring Italy home. An Italian dinner can be made inexpensively. Prepare spaghetti by buying a jar of pre-made sauce (.$99-$5.00) and noodles ($1.25-$4.99). Salad preparation kits can be purchased ($2.50-$3.99). Complete the meal with a loaf of French Bread ($1.99-$3.99). For dessert, you can purchase the single serving chocolate lava pie or cheesecake in the freezer section or bakery section of your local grocery store ($1.99-$3.99).

3. Purchase candles from the local dollar store and light. Stream music in from your computer or play-it through your Ipod, TV or stereo. While the music sounds softly, read a poem to your loved one. It can be one you wrote or one that explains what your sweetie means to you.

Blindfold your loved one and take turns feeding one another "mystery" chocolates.

4. Purchase flowers directly from a local grocery store. Arrangements are typically must less expensive this way.

5) Make it a dessert party. Bring home a variety of chocolates or desserts. Take turns sampling each one. This works well with boxes of mixed variety/assorted chocolates.

6. Go see a romantic movie together. Currently, The Vow is one that has received great reviews at the box office. Tickets typically range somewhere between $6.00-$8.00 each.

7. Write out a list of deep questions you would like to ask your partner. Have him or her verbally answer those. This is a good way to start dialogues that may be “hard” to discuss, and it has the possibility of deepening your understanding of the other person and the goals that each one has for the relationship.

8. Visit a local coffee shop or tea house. Often times, these places are quiet and offer a relaxed atmosphere. Drinks can typically be purchased from $1.50-$4.00 each.

9. Create a picture collage of all your favorite memories together. These can be made for under $5.00 (typically) at Walgreen’s for sizes 8 1/2″ x 11″ and under.

10. Say, “I love you!”