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Why Obtain a Degree in Therapeutic Massage

Most people who look at degree options offered by a local healthcare college in Cheyenne are thinking about obtaining a degree as a doctor, nurse or dentist. However, therapeutic massage is also a very good career option and should not be discounted by a person who wants to make a difference in the lives of those who are sick and suffering. Therapeutic massage can enable a person to treat those who have suffered from injuries or have problems with chronic pain. This form of massage can even greatly benefit premature babies who need massage in order to develop mentally and physically.

Where to Find Work

It is not hard to find work as a massage therapist; in fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that job growth in this field is much faster than average. Massage therapists can find work at a hospital, clinic, private practice, spa or fitness center. It is also possible to work as a freelancer in this field and offer massages to individuals in the comfort of their own homes.

What the Job Entails

Working as a massage therapist entails more than simply providing a massage, although this is naturally a very important part of the job description. A good massage therapist will start by asking a patient about his or her symptoms, medical history, cause and nature of injuries, etc. The therapist will then give a patient a full examination to locate painful and/or tense areas of the body before beginning the massage. When the massage is finished, the therapist will offer advice on stretching, relaxation and posture to enable a person to become more agile and active without damaging sore or weak muscles. Finally, the therapist will document a patient’s condition and track the patient’s progress.

Average Salary for These Positions

The median annual wage for a massage therapist currently is about $36,000 a year. However, those who opt to work in Cheyenne or another city in Wyoming have the potential to earn more than this amount, as the mean annual wage for therapists in this state is currently $38,850, which comes to well over $18.00 per hour. Note: Statistics are nationally assigned, not regionally. Refer to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for more details.

Working as a massage therapist can be both fulfilling and lucrative. It is a respectable healthcare-related job that enables a person to help those who are suffering in a concrete, tangible way. What’s more, one does not need to study for many years to obtain a degree in this field.

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