Welcome to the IBMC College Admissions Department!

Our Admissions process is very different than most colleges and universities. Our Admissions process is called the Right Fit. The process is all about helping students truly find their RIGHT FIT for their future! Our Admissions Representatives are trained as Right Fit Coaches. This specialized training allows us to use tools in our interview process that assist students in discovering a game plan for their future.


Our Representatives will spend time in the Right Fit session
getting to know many important factors about you:

  • Your current situation in life
  • Your goals
  • Your interest
  • Your unique talents and abilities
  • Your experiences
  • Your support network

Once we identify that the Right Fit is one of the IBMC College programs,
our Representative will help you better understand the following:

  • Our program information
  • Our tuition and Financial Aid options
  • Our scholarship opportunities
  • Our Career Services’ assistance
  • Our campus environment

This process has helped so many students discover a pathway to success.

If the Right Fit is not discovered inside of one of our programs, we will even introduce you to other opportunities that exist in the community that might be a better fit for your future.  Our goal is to ensure every student walks away with a clear understanding of where they belong and where they can achieve happiness and professional fulfillment.

We look forward to serving you in finding your right fit.


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