What Makes IBMC Different?

Ask one of our 7,000+ graduates about their experience at IBMC College, and they’ll likely describe it as a life change.

We pride ourselves on making sure each and every student, staff member and instructor who walks through our doors feels like this is their second home — for some, it’s been the first place they’ve felt like they’ve belonged.


What You’ll Experience at IBMC College

Enrolling in the Right
Program for YOU

Our goal at IBMC College is to ensure every student who walks through our doors feels comfortable with their decision to attend IBMC. Our Right Fit program tailors the admissions process to your interests and goals to ensure you’ll be successful in your program and graduate knowing you have taken the right step to safeguard a better life for you and your family.

Hands-on Learning

At IBMC College, we believe in your success. That’s why every part of your program is designed to look, feel, and function like your industry – from your classrooms and labs, to your projects to your schedule. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to start working in a real-world clinic, business, etc. during your externship – that means you’ll be able to put industry work experience on your resume before you even graduate.


Industry-Inspired Curriculum

IBMC College has partnered with area businessmen and women to offer our students an industry-inspired curriculum. Each year, IBMC College hosts networking events that provide an opportunity for local employers to be connected with IBMC students and graduates to ensure healthy and successful relationships and help give our students a multitude of options when it comes to employment.

Financing Your Education

financial-aid-graphicAt IBMC College, we want you to be able to focus on your education and your goals – something that’s not easy when you’re worried about whether or not your next paycheck will have to go to your loan payment instead of buying groceries for your family.

That’s why at IBMC, you’ll learn how to borrow responsibly, ensuring you have the means to pay back your loans once you graduate. Our Financial Aid Counselors will find the best combination for you through loans, grants, VA benefits, scholarships and federal financial aid.

To us, a successful student is one who finds a career after graduating, therefore making a better life for them and their family. We’re not interested in a blank check, we want to welcome you into our family.

Your Leadership Team

For nearly 30 years, IBMC College’s leadership team has been walking the halls at our campuses day in and day out, learning student’s names and accomplishments and making sure the college is a safe place to land for everyone. They strive to make everyone feel like they are part of the family – from the students to the faculty and staff and everyone who visits our campuses.