Cosmetology Instructor Hired At IBMC College

IBMC College in Greeley, CO has hired Alysia Duran to teach in the Cosmetology Program. Alysia-Duran---PT-Cosmo-Instructor---Greeley

Alysia Duran is an experienced Cosmetologist with almost 17 years of styling experience in local salons. Duran graduated from Highland Hills Beauty Academy in 1998 with a degree in Cosmetology and since that time she has been perfecting her craft as a stylist and manicurist.

Possessing skills that go beyond just a stylist, Duran is also an experienced salon manager and Cosmetology Instructor. She has spent countless hours helping prepare students’ understanding and perfecting their skills in hair, nail, and skin services.

Duran’s past salon experience, and industry knowledge will help the Cosmetology students thrive in their own professional experience. Duran will be an invaluable asset to the Faculty in Greeley.

In this program, students can learn the skills needed for a rewarding career in Cosmetology with IBMC College. Students gain an extensive background and skills in hair, skin, and nails working in the state-of-the-art Student Beauty Clinic on campus. IBMC College provides students with techniques needed to perform a variety of services in as little as 14 months, when following the prescribed coursework.

For more information about our Cosmetology Certificate and Diploma Program at IBMC College in Colorado and Wyoming, please visit or call (800) 495-2669.