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Four IBMC College students honored at 2017 CACCS Awards Banquet

Four IBMC College students were honored with Student of the Year and Meritorious Recognition awards at CACCS Awards Banquet.
Pictured from left: IBMC College Greeley students Kelley McCleave, Jacob Adams and John Lobato and IBMC College Longmont student Sarah Horvath won CACCS awards on Sept. 8.

IBMC College is pleased to announce Kelley McCleave, Jacob Adams, John Lobato, and Sarah Horvath were recognized by the Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools (CACCS) for their outstanding academic achievements at their annual banquet on Sept. 8.

This year’s CACCS awards ceremony – held at the Art Institute Penthouse, 1200 Lincoln St. in Denver – celebrated students in the Colorado career college system who excel in their programs and strongly exhibit three qualities: commitment, performance and leadership/professionalism.

Each student who is honored must have a serious and unwavering commitment to his/her academic and professional career goals. He/she must show high performance in the categories of attendance, grades, class activities and classroom work. Finally, he/she must demonstrate leadership and behave professionally, both in the classroom and within the community.

This year, Jacob Adams, an IBMC College student in the Computer Support Specialist program at the Greeley campus, was named the Student of the Year in the category of Computer Technology. John Lobato, who also attends the Business Administration and Accounting program in Greeley, was also named Student of the Year in the Business/Management category. IBMC College Longmont campus Paralegal student, Sarah Horvath, also won Student of the Year award in the Specialized Trades category.

Additionally, IBMC College Greeley campus Cosmetology graduate Kelley McCleave was honored with Meritorious Recognition in the Cosmetology category.

IBMC College is honored to have such a dedicated group of individuals as students, and we congratulate Kelley, Jacob, John and Sarah on their awards!