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Open the Doors to Several Careers with a Medical Assisting Degree

One of the most interesting offerings at a Longmont, CO college is a medical assisting program. This program offers both a degree and a diploma option, so students can choose the level of education they want. Either one gives graduates the chance to apply for a variety of assistant-level positions in the medical field. Here are a few of the top jobs for medical assistants that are sure to be in demand now and in the future:

Patient-Facing Positions

Patient-facing positions are the ones most people are familiar with. That’s because these assistants are the ones that they see when visiting a health care center. These medical assistants are the ones who ask incoming patients why they’ve come, get historical information, handle weigh-ins, and take temperatures.

Later in a doctor visit, patients may see other assistants as the need arises. If the doctor finds it necessary for a blood test to be taken or an injection to be given, he’ll call for an assistant to do the actual work. Alternatively, he may send the patient to a lab. There, medical assistants will take care of the patient’s testing needs in that setting. Lab-based health care workers may be called “lab assistants,” but the credentials they hold are usually the same as the ones for other medical assisting.

Behind-the-Scenes Jobs

Not every medical assistant will want a position that involves directly handling patients in a physical sense. This doesn’t mean that they’re out of luck. Instead, it just means that the best jobs for them will be behind the counter of a medical office, inside of a testing lab, or in another position of this nature.

Those who work in offices may talk to patients on the phone or see them as they come into the clinic. This “seeing,” however, won’t involve any procedures. Instead, it’ll be done in the capacity of a receptionist. The reason that medical receptionists need assistant qualifications is so that they understand what patients and doctors are talking about when it’s time to schedule specific procedures.

Assistants who work in closed labs take care of a variety of support tasks, such as equipment sterilization. They need their degrees so that they know the right procedures for getting these jobs done properly.

There are many jobs that can be obtained with a degree or diploma in medical assisting. Excellent educational programs are available in Longmont, CO. These programs are also available in Cheyenne, WY. This credential is a great gateway to a rewarding and secure future.