Why Medical Assisting Might Be the Right Job for You

If you’ve been exploring colleges in Cheyenne, WY looking for a career that you can train for in as little as 15 months, you should consider becoming a certified medical assistant. This program will provide you with the skills to work in a variety of jobs in the medical field. Career opportunities are numerous for those who go through this program, and we also help our students off to a good start by providing them with a five-week long externship at the end of the program and job placement services after graduation.

Our students are trained to give injections, take vital signs, change dressings, remove stitches, perform EKGs, draw blood, prepare laboratory specimens, and a number of other tasks. You’ll also receive training in front office skills, and when you graduate, you will be equipped to work in a variety of medical facilities, from small, rural clinics to large hospitals in urban environments. Our program provides students with an excellent way to obtain the training that they’ll need to begin a long and successful career in the medical field.

Entry level positions as a medical assistant are available throughout many parts of the country. Graduates of our program have substantial flexibility in where they can choose to work and live. Medical assistant jobs generally come with an excellent benefit plans that cover not only the employee, but his or her family members as well. You will also have the chance to complete ongoing training if you decide to specialize in any particular area of medical assisting.

For instance, you may decide that you prefer the administrative side of things rather than working hands-on with patients. You could focus on becoming an office manager in a medical clinic or perhaps working for an insurance agency. There are so many different aspects of health care. You will find your particular niche once you get out into the working world. Health care is also a field that is always evolving and changing, and it’s particularly exciting now because new medical gains are being made every day.

Whether you’re an adult learner, a recent high school graduate, or a member of the military about to complete your tour of duty, give us a call today at IBMC college to discuss your future.