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Get Your Foot in the Door in Healthcare with a Medical Assisting Degree

Now is the time to earn your Medical Assisting Degree! With classes beginning November 7th, you can get started training for a growing and rewarding career FAST!

Do you have a passion for helping others? With a Medical Assisting Degree from IBMC College in Colorado or Wyoming, you train to become a medical assistant in as little as 19 months. Through this career path, you will trained to work with doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and deliver quality care to patients.

In the classroom, you will learn the procedures and processes for working in the front office through a variety of teaching methods. While lecturing and computer work is a component of the coursework, in the medical assisting program you will gain valuable skills through more hands-on training techniques, including injections, suture removals, blood draws, phlebotomy and casting.Medical Assisting Degree Blog

It’s common for medical assisting students to explore the inner workings of the body through anatomy dissection on select body parts, such as cow hearts and pigs feet, giving you a greater depth of knowledge into the inner workings of the body. Casting and suture removing also tend to be favorites of students in the classroom.

Beyond the slicing and dicing, you put your training to the test at a variety of community events through performing healthcare-related services on the general public, overseen by a qualified instructor, at the 9Health Fair and Open House events.

In the last five weeks of the program, you take all that you have learned and put it to practice in an externship at medical-related practice, may that be at the local hospital, physician’s practice or nursing facility.  And, upon successful completion of the coursework and testing, you will become a Registered Medical Assistant.

Now is the time to get your foot in the door with a career in healthcare. Fill-out the form now to receive more information on earning your Medical Assisting Degree.