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Learn How to Create a Buyer Persona

If you’re pursuing a degree from a college in Fort Collins, you undoubtedly understand the importance of expanding your knowledge.  After all, almost all degree programs are diverse in the topics covered.  Take for instance a degree in business.  This type of degree will involve learning various types of marketing strategies, with one of them being the creation of marketing personas.  At IBMC, our marketing specialists use marketing personas on a daily basis to attract top-notch professors for our students.  Here are a few tips you can use during your business and marketing endeavors.

Demographics are of supreme value when creating a buyer persona.  The more you know the better.

Where are they from?

First of all, a persona needs to have a full understanding of where the customer comes from.  Is the customer a man who’s been divorced three times, grew up in Kentucky all of his life, and somehow supports four kids?  How about a mother who recently lost her husband to cancer and is now raising twins on her own?  No matter the personas, you must know where your customers come from and the significant events that they are dealing with in their lives. You may or may not have to focus briefly on additional characters in the persona’s life. You will do so only if the character has a current influence on the persona’s purchasing behaviors.

Does gender matter?

If you don’t understand whether or not gender matters to your buyer persona, you may want to reconsider the personas you have developed.  No matter the industry, no matter the product or service being sold, gender plays its role.  Take this example: Your employer sells back pain relief pillows for women who are pregnant.  Your leading persona should most definitely be female.  If it’s not, your persona is not well-developed.  This doesn’t mean you can’t create a different persona focusing on the needs of soon-to-be fathers looking to soothe their pregnant wives’ back pain.  However, it does mean that you are not in tune with the way gender affects your marketing efforts.

By knowing where your personas come from and what sex they are, you’ll be well on your way to creating an effective marketing plan that highlights what you learned during your degree program.