Medical Assisting Careers are Booming – Train Now!

Did you know medical assisting careers are on the rise? It’s true! By 2024, the need for medical assistants across the U.S. is expected to increase by a whopping 23%!

Earning Medical Assisting Degree, from nearby IBMC College, is a quick way to get your foot in the door in the healthcare industry, and provides you with the skill-sets you need to work with doctors, patients and medical professionals.

IBMC’s very own Ambra Holman is a perfect example of an aspiring medical assisting student who is currently taking college classes at IBMC in Fort Collins, raising her children, and looking to work in healthcare after completing her degree. With IBMC’s career placement assistance and Ambra’s devotion to her education, we expect great things to come her way. Hear what she has had to say about her time in the program.

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IBMC’s medical assisting graduates often enjoy employment in hospitals, physician’s offices, radiology centers, oncology offices, ophthalmology centers, cosmetic surgery practices and a host of other medical offices. In fact, with IBMC’s training and your successful completion of classes and select tests, you are qualified to begin working in as little as 15-19 months when following the prescribed coursework. That means, you could be in your new career sooner than you think!

Specialization Based on Duties

At IBMC College, we cross-train medical assistants in both clinical and administrative work so you understand the basic duties found in most medical settings. Clinical Work involves the basic duties such as performing laboratory tests, preparing patients for medical exams, helping the physician during the exam, drawing blood, giving authorization for a patient’s prescription refills, changing dressings and talking with patients about the medications.

Front Office Work comprises all the administrative tasks that are often found at the front of the office. When you earn your medical assisting degree, you will be qualified to take appointments for patients, greet patients who enter the main waiting room, answer phone calls, fill out insurance forms, handle medical billing, and update a patient’s medical records. As a medical assistant, you may also purchase supplies and medical equipment for the physician’s office.

Specialization Based on Office Environment

You may also become specialized in certain duties based on the type of workplace setting you are employed in. Some of our medical assistants may feed or give a patient a bath in a surgical step-down unit. Other medical assistants do perform vital sign tasks in the hospital’s oncology department, pediatric facilities or varying medical practices. In a hospital’s emergency room setting, a medical assistant may work with patients to gather medical information and prepare them for surgical procedures.

Ready to Learn More?

If the thought of working in a booming medical assisting career intrigues you, contact IBMC College today by filling out the form above. We are currently enrolling students for our next class start on October 3, 2016. Financial aid, grants and scholarships are available to those who qualify.