Put Your Passion to Work!

“I want to wake up every day and know that I’m doing a job that I love!” Has that thought ever crossed your mind? IBMC College can help you follow your passion to a rewarding healthcare career.

If you’re a compassionate person that enjoys caring for others and has always been told that you have a special talent for putting others at ease, it’s time to take your skills and abilities and turn them into a career you love! Train for a healthcare career at IBMC College

At IBMC College, you can train for a career as a Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant or Massage Therapist. In these fields, you’ll find the work both rewarding and satisfying as you help others and utilize your calming nature to create a comforting environment for patients of all kinds.

Our programs are accelerated and our class schedules are flexible, allowing you to complete your program in 15 to 19* months, while still being able to work or care for your family.

Why wait? You can start training for a rewarding career that you’re passionate about at IBMC College in Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont or Cheyenne! Call (800) NEW-CAREER or visit www.ibmc.edu to find out more about our programs!

*Programs can be completed in 15-19 months when courses are taken as prescribed.