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Surviving Beauty School

Attending a beauty school not only requires talent and a desire to help others feel good about themselves, it also requires successfully completing one of the many beauty school programs in the Fort Collins area. Just like any other post-high school education, beauty school can be demanding and time consuming. That is why we here at IBMC College suggest anyone considering a career in cosmetology prepare themselves for a successful learning experience.

Here is a list of some tips to help all cosmetology students make the most of their beauty school experience:

  • Amp up physical activity: Being a cosmetologist requires a lot of standing up, bending, reaching and lifting. Being in top physical shape will help make long days on one’s feet more bearable. Building up the arm muscles will help reduce fatigue from long hours of work.
  • Start a healthier lifestyle: Eating right will help ensure the body has enough energy to make it through a long day. Avoid caffeine and other supplements which can cause the body’s chemistry to fall off balance. This can cause afternoon tiredness, which could affect one’s ability to complete work later in the day.
  • Have a good sleep regimen: Getting enough sleep will help ensure there is enough energy for the following day and reduces the chances of the mind drifting off and thinking about something not related to the classroom.
  • Purchase a great pair of shoes: Since beauty school requires being up on one’s feet all day, we suggest purchasing a great pair of shoes with a lot of support.
  • Regularly use sanitizer: Get in the habit of using hand sanitizer and constantly keeping hands clean. This reduces the chances of spreading germs to clients and becoming infected with a virus from a client.
  • Volunteer: Whenever possible volunteer as a guinea pig for another student or for the teacher to demonstrate something in front of the classroom.
  • Ask for help: Teachers and other students are always willing to help. If there is something that is confusing, it is important to ask for help.
  • Hopefully the above listed tips will help students looking to attend a cosmetology college in the Fort Collins area succeed and complete the program.