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Tech Support Careers Offer Opportunities to be a Hero

Everyone has had the displeasure of dealing with tech support people who can only read off of a script and actually know nothing about the product they’re trying to help with. The problem is that these people are what the industry refers to as “Level 1” tech support. In short, they’re there to weed out the most common causes of errors, such as forgetting to plug cables in. Many companies think of this as simple work that doesn’t require any brains – and at this level, they hire and pay accordingly.

Because of this, tech support work has a reputation for being frustrating, low-paying, and grueling. Luckily, there is a way to help people with computer problems without getting stuck in the call center mill: Become qualified enough to do Level 2 or Level 3 tech support work. This can be done by getting certified at a technology college in Greeley.

What’s Different About Level 2 or 3 Tech Support?

Employees at these levels are the ones who take care of the people who have managed to get a Level 1 employee to pass them up the chain. Now, the technology support person gets to actually listen to what the customer is saying. Here, workers already know that the customer’s computer is turned on, plugged in, and connected to everything it needs to be.

Depending on the employer, a Level 2 tech may be able to provide unique solutions or may still be limited to “known solutions” – in other words, the script. Therefore, it’s important to get the details of a Level 2 tech support job before signing up. At Level 3, however, there is true leeway to figuring out problems and devising novel solutions.

The only drawback to being a tech at these levels is the fact that by the time a customer reaches them, he or she will have gone through at least one level of lower support. Therefore, the person’s frustration level will be up and he or she may not be easy to deal with until true progress is made towards a solution to the tech problem. Because of this, a thick skin is a must-have for higher level tech support personnel. That said, someone with education from a technology college in Fort Collins or Greeley is the most likely to be able to turn an angry customer into an ecstatic one. Those who like being the problem-solving hero will love being a Level 3 tech support person.