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What Benefits Does Medical Massage Offer?

The importance of massage is being recognized more and more often in medical circles. That’s why it’s possible to get educated in massage methods and related subjects at IBMC College in Fort Collins, Greeley or Longmont. The college knows that massage is often prescribed by doctors and other health practitioners for a number of reasons.

Massage as a Pain-Relieving Treatment

In many cases, chronic pain results from muscles that have become bound up and stiff. Stretching can relieve this to a point, but often, patients need help to be able to do a stretching routine.

Massage provides this help by improving blood flow to the affected area. This warms muscles and promotes relaxation. Once the muscles are suitably warmed up, they are easier to stretch. The relaxation aspect also allows muscles to resist the “knotted” state that causes so much pain. These effects work together to allow joints to take on more natural positions, which further reduces distress.

One of the best things about massage treatments is that they allow patients to lower or eliminate their need for pain-reducing drugs. Many of the most powerful drugs in this category are addictive, so patients look for ways to avoid them. By avoiding them from the start, they eliminate the chance of falling into the addiction trap. Those who still need drugs despite the massage can use lower doses than otherwise possible. This makes it easier to stop taking them when the time comes.

Reducing Blood Pressure via Massage

Some people find that their blood pressure drops after having a massage. This is partly because it reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

Other factors may come into play, as well, but scientists aren’t yet sure of the details. Specifics aside, there are many patients who prefer to reduce or eliminate the need for blood pressure pills. For them, massage is a good adjunct to improvements in diet and exercise habits.

As this shows, massage is no longer considered a luxury for the rich. Instead, it is often prescribed by physicians to help with common medical issues. This has opened up many positions in the field of massage therapy.

To learn more about therapeutic massage, sign up for classes at IBMC College in Fort Collins, Greeley or Longmont. These courses prepare students to pass any needed licensing tests. They also teach the specifics that students need to know in order to have the maximum chance of providing medically beneficial results.

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