What to Expect from a Beauty School Course

Before enrolling in one of the many beauty schools in Longmont, it can be helpful to become acquainted with what would be taught in a beauty school course. There are various specialized fields and the exact courses one takes will depend on his or her future job plans; however, the following basic courses are generally taught regardless of specialization.


While it would seem that science and cosmetology have nothing in common, the fact is that anyone who specializes in any field of cosmetology will need to know a lot about science and chemicals. Understanding which chemicals are used in which products, how they interact with each other and what allergens they contain can enable a person to choose the best products for any given client. Those studying cosmetology also need to learn about the anatomy of hair, skin and nails.

Hair, Skin and Nails

Naturally, no cosmetology course would be complete without learning about how to handle and care for hair, skin and nails. Students will learn how to do various hairstyles as well as how to cut, dye, highlight and wash hair. Other important courses involve learning about how to trim, paint and care for nails, how to recognize common skin problems, how to remove hair from various parts of the body and how to apply make-up.

Workplace Safety and Customer Service Skills

Cosmetology students can also expect to learn about workplace safety and customer service. Both skills are vital to becoming successful in one’s chosen field. Workplace safety ensures that one knows about local laws regarding safety as well as how to handle various hair and body care products. Customer service skills will enable a cosmetologist to interact well with clients.

Some cosmetology courses include a course on salon management. This course is not necessary for everyone but can be ideal for a person who intends to open his or her own salon.

Learning about cosmetology can be fascinating, as it is an interesting field and good schools offer plenty of opportunities for hands-on practice. However, it is important to realize that a lot of hard work will go into earning a cosmetology diploma. Anyone who is interested in taking cosmetology courses can expect to learn about a wide variety of subjects. He or she will need to be prepared to study hard, memorize important information and practice as much as possible to perfect cosmetology skills.