Your Entrepreneurial Dreams are within Reach

As a child, did you find yourself looking for creative ways to start your own business, whether that included lemonade stands, mowing neighbors’ lawns or opening your own pet sitting service?

You, my friend, have entrepreneurial blood flowing through you veins. Why stifle it working for someone else?

At IBMC College, you can use your “take charge skills” and “be your own boss attitude” and pursue a Business Degree in as little as 19 months.

In the classroom, you will learn how to manage and market your own business and zero in on key accounting concepts – important for any business owner. It does not stop there. You will have several courses that deepen your computer skills and strengthen you as an effective communicator.

Taking it a step further, you will use your newly acquired skills and put them in into practice in your 5-week externship with a local employer, providing you with a well-rounded experience.

Plus, in less than two years, it will be time for your graduation! While you may be ready to become a business owner right away, some graduates prefer a different path.

As a business graduate, you receive career placement assistance. Often graduates work in accounts payable, banking, business, corporations, government, insurance and mortgage offices – plenty of professional opportunities to find out exactly which niche suits you.

Take your childhood dream and make it a reality! Contact IBMC College now at or call 1-800-NEW-CAREER now. Your inner CEO will be thankful you did.