Amanda Burgess-Cranmer, Paralegal Graduate

Amanda Burgess-Cranmer

IBMC College Paralegal Graduate

Amanda is a Colorado native, having grown up in Canon City. She moved to Northern Colorado in 2005, and in June 2016, she made the decision to attend IBMC College. Today, Amanda is a successful Criminal Defense Investigator in Fort Collins, and she’s loving her career. Amanda was happy to share her story of attending IBMC College, and had some very kind words for her former instructors.

What made you decide to attend IBMC College?

“After researching schools, I found that IBMC’s class times would allow me to continue to work a full-time job. It was certainly geared toward the working adult.”

Are you happy with your decision?

“I am happy with my decision. I appreciated the small class sizes, the dedication the entire IBMC staff has toward the students furthering themselves, and the overall education I received from IBMC to prepare me for my new career.”

What did you gain from your time at IBMC College?

“I had a huge support team — no question to the staff’s commitment to watch me succeed. As a 40-year-old woman, I was happy to build relationships with staff members and fellow students. I know I have formed lifelong friendships.”

How has your life changed?

“It has not been long since I attended IBMC, but I can say I have found that I have been able to obtain a very respected, fulfilling place of employment to start my new career. My salary has increased. I have started working toward my bachelor’s degree. I feel proud of my accomplishments — both while attending IBMC and after.”

Where do you work now?

“I am proud to say I am working at the Colorado State Public Defender’s office as a Criminal Defense Investigator in Fort Collins.

General duties include:

  • Learning and developing skills in organizing and preparing case files.
  • Working on all phases of investigation for misdemeanor, juvenile, and felony cases, including but not limited to: interviewing, serving subpoenas, report writing, reviewing discovery, locating and collecting records, coordinating witnesses, and testifying.
  • Using digital audio and video recording devices, as well as other cameras, recorders, and standard computer and office equipment, measuring tools, maps and internet sources.”
Are you happy in your current position?

“I absolutely love it. I have a very rewarding position that allows me to utilize the skills I learned from IBMC. The hands-on experience has taught me many more skills and techniques, as well. The atmosphere and co-workers are amazing and encouraging.”

What did it take to land your job after graduating?

“When it came time for me to do my externship, I had a family law office that offered me a position. (I also had) a criminal defense law office that didn’t just want me to do my externship there, but they offered me a position with the firm. I turned down the job offer, but accepted the externship offer, as I intended to stay with my current employer.

“Then, Heather Conner, a former Career Services Coordinator (at IBMC College), asked me to meet with one other person to also consider. After meeting with this person — Marilynn at the Larimer County Public Defender’s Office — I decided to do my externship in that office. I felt it would be the most challenging for me, take me out of my comfort zone, and I would learn the most there with it being such a large office.

“After finishing up my externship, I decided to continue to volunteer a few hours every week. When a position became available, I submitted my resume. There were 150 applicants who submitted their resume, and several interviews with the leading applicants. I was who (they) chose to hire! There were many factors that landed me the position. My dedication, hard work, attention to detail, compassion for the clients, and excitement for the goals of this office. I went above and beyond to show them I wanted this position and could perform the job responsibilities. I just love it there!”

Is there any advice you would give to someone thinking about attending IBMC?

“If you have the desire to gain a great education, obtain a better career, gain new friends and colleagues, all with great support, call IBMC today.”

Are there any instructors who made a particularly memorable impact on you?

“I had three instructors who were just amazing! I feel Carl Daniel, Judy Boker, and Jo Anne Hilzer are hands-down, the best instructors at IBMC! They all encouraged me to push myself. In the classroom, it was such a tremendous amount of information they would teach, but these teachers taught so the next class or next instructors’ information made sense. As the class would move forward, you could see how all the different pieces of the puzzle would come together.

“There is no question of the instructors’ passion for law, and computers, and teaching it to the students. To this day, these instructors and I stay in contact. They still reach out to me, as they enjoy watching me succeed. They are all three amazing mentors that I respect highly. I feel blessed that I was able to be their student and learn from them. I know with the education they have taught me, I will always be successful moving forward.”

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