Brandie Romero, Dental Assisting Graduate

Brandie Romero

IBMC College Dental Assisting Graduate

Brandie Romero, a Longmont resident and Colorado native, was tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck. She wasn’t quite making enough money to get by on her own, and she wanted change. As a mother, Brandie needed a way gain financial independence while still caring for her daughters. She chose IBMC College as a path to a stable career in Dental Assisting, because she knew the flexibility that the college offers would work with her busy parenting schedule. After graduating in 2017, Brandie is loving her career and enjoying the security it’s brought to her life.

Are you happy with your decision to attend IBMC?

“Yes, I am completely happy because I am financially supporting myself and my daughters. And I am succeeding in the career I wanted.”

How has your life changed?

“Before attending IBMC, I was living with my parents on government assistance. Now that I have graduated from IBMC, I have my own apartment, I own my own car, and I take care of my children financially.”

Where do you work now?

“I work at Adventure Dental, Vision & Orthodontic.”

What’s your job like?

“I am a Dental Assistant. I take care of children from the age of 1 up to 21. I clean their teeth, floss their teeth, take X-rays, talk about treatment needed and what to expect, chart data and share my knowledge of good oral hygiene with the patients and parents.”

Are you happy in your current position?

“I absolutely love my position I am in. I wake up looking forward to enjoying my job.”

What did it take to land your job after graduating?

“I had help with my externship (from IBMC College Career Services Department) being placed at Adventure Dental. During my externship, I was offered the position. I had great positive feedback for how I was doing—how I took care of patients, and how I handled my job.”

Do you have any advice for someone thinking about attending IBMC?

“IBMC College is an amazing school. It’s worth going to. The school does not let you down.”

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