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It has been a pleasure to provide you with life-changing career training since 2005.

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IBMC College to Phase Out the Cheyenne Campus in Fall 2017

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IBMC College announces a gradual phasing out of its programs in the Cheyenne, Wyoming, market only. Students may transfer to an IBMC College branch campus or enroll with colleges that offer comparable opportunities for students to finish their education.
These solutions will help students reach their educational and career goals, as well as provide Cheyenne’s professional community with skilled externs and graduates they have relied on for more than a decade for their hiring needs.

Although the physical presence of the Cheyenne campus location will be lost, student success will not. This remains the top priority of the college for the sake of the students and the benefit of local employers who rely on IBMC College graduates in their workforce.

We want our Cheyenne students to finish what they started, complete their programs and continue to support student success in a variety of ways:

Campus Re-location Training Opportunities
Externship Placement Support
Accredited Program Partnerships

Still a Vital Partner in the Community

Since being in the Cheyenne community, dating back to 2005, IBMC College quickly established its roots and importance as a preferred accelerated training college for adults interested in pursuing a new career. It has also served a vital role in the community as an employer, employing hundreds of staff members throughout the years and standing as a major supplier of more than 500 trained medical assistants, medical billers and coders, cosmetologists, hairstylists, nail technicians, estheticians, IT workers, massage therapists, business professionals and paralegal graduates during various periods these last 12 years.

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“For 30 years, IBMC College has been delivering life-changing opportunities to students in Cheyenne. Long before we had a Wyoming campus, students commuted to Fort Collins to attend our college. We are not done working in the Cheyenne community. We believe in the community, the students and the employers.”

Steve Steele, Chief Executive Officer, IBMC College



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