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Dale Lyons, Therapist of the Week, Shares His Healing Touch

Dale Lyons is a Registered Massage Therapist certified in the state of Colorado. Graduating from the Massage Therapy program at IBMC in 2011, Dale has continued to acquire new skills and develop a deep knowledge of the human body. Aside from being a highly-skilled therapist at the Fort Collins IBMC Massage Clinic,  Dale has a wonderful personality which allows each client to feel great about the massage they receive.

IBMC Massage Clinic
For a massage specifically tailored to your needs, visit Dale Lyons at the Fort Collins clinic.

Dale enjoys facilitating Hot Stone , Swedish, and Trigger Point massages. He does an amazing job with the IBMC Signature Massage and is always willing to tailor the perfect massage to your individual needs.

Why did Dale become a massage therapist? “I wanted to help others and I feel that massage is a great way to do that. I want people to be able to achieve their potential wellness,” says Dale.

When Dale is not massaging, he enjoys hiking, spending time in nature, and reading.

Spaces are limited! To book your appointment with Dale, please call (970)223-2669 or visit us online!