Fort Collins Medical & Business College School Holds Assembly

Academic achievements earns IBMC College students honors at the April Student Awards Assembly in the business, legal, medical and massage fields.

The tropics could be found at IBMC College in Fort Collins, 3842 South Mason Street, during the Student Awards on April 25, where students took home awards for academic and attendance excellence, and select staff were surprised with awards, too.

IBMC Fort Collins College Luau 2013 Spring Assembly
IBMC Fort Collins College recognized these adults for academic success at the recent Student Awards Assembly for the morning, afternoon and evening sessions.

This session’s ceremony encompassed a Luau celebration. All were encouraged to find their best Hawaiian t-shirts, grass skirts and attend the festivities.

This special event honored students enrolled in the business degree program, medical, legal, as well as those in the massage courses.

President’s List 4.0:
Fort Collins:
Shirley Aragon, Kendall Best, Kelleigh Bewley, Amy Black, Mary Breidenbach, Samantha Bridges, Melissa Brown, Margarete Chubbuck, Mackensie Couch, Ashley Daly, Allan Gardner, Jennifer Gately, Theresa            Hall, Sarah Hanan, Dakota Hintergardt-Anstett, Jennifer Hollingshead, Elad Israeli, Gregory Jones, Valerie Kenny, Mairead LaJeunesse David Leeper, Stephanie Lynch, Theresa Martinson, Katharine Massey, Erin McNulty, Karla Mendoza-Sanchez, Stacy Mercer, Sheila Millard, Karen Mills, Crystal  Mitts, Rebecca Moody, Anita Nemitz, April Paris, Barbara Petty, Kara Ramboz, Mandi, Randall, Ashley Raymond, Nicole Rodriquez, Phyllis Rouze, Michael Ryan, Angie Sayles, Blair Severin, Hailey Slee, Elizabeth Snyder, Meghan Stephenson, Jancie Stewart, Jodie Stewart, Megan Stewart, Tracy Tan, Amanda Vanderwyk, Brooke Wendell, Mark Widdows, Heidi Wierbilis, Sophie Williams, Tyler Wilson, Amanda Yanase and Mairead LaJeunesse Bellvue: Amy Cletcher and Courtney Flanner Carr: Joyce Black Estes Park: Jennifer Juneau and Brandi Lasson Laporte: Connie Miller and Marcelle Simpson Loveland:  Stacy Adams, Robert Burson, Yesenia Garcia Lanette, Henry, Marissa erbert, Barbara Hoffman, Jordan Hucke, Melinda Hugo, Mary Lambert, Donalea Loewen, Brittany McIntosh, Chelsi Montez, Patti Moore, Corrinn Morrill, Tamara Owens, Wanda Russell, Brenda Schee and Kristy Smith Nunn: Darla Scott Wellington: Bianca Camacho, LeAnne Dingman, Ronda Donahue, Nikki Dufford Kristine Robinson and Miriam Zapata Windsor: Gina Asadi and Laura Pesses

Fort Collins, CO School for Adult Learners
These IBMC students had a great time at this session's Luau fun!

Dean’s List 3.5-3.9:
Fort Collins:
Justin Adams, Dustin Clutterbuck, Tina Davis, Corey Denbesten, Jori Diederich, Eric Diehl, Lisa Duncan, Amanda Ellis, Eva Finch, Daniel Gardner, Todd Hathaway, Justin Hays, Stephanie Hazlett, Raul Lopez, Ron McDowell, Michelle Medina, Daniel Miller, Janet Nogal, Jillian Odom, Cassandra Scott, Ibarra Juana Torres, Jennifer Wares and Melissa Zuniga-Torres Estes Park: Anthony Lasson and J’Lyn Maddalena Loveland: Mike Brown, Valeria Candia, Rebecca Champion, Taryn Davis, Deborah Easter, Breanna Gill, Daniel Hebert, Christy Hyatt, Abigail Lyons and Karley Robinson Wellington: Debrah Baker and Michelle Bothwell Windsor: Jackie Bernhardt, Alexis Glasbow and Madina Tarin

Exceptional Attendance:
Fort Collins:
Justin Adams, Samantha Bridges, Dustin Clutterbuck, Ashley Daly, Allan Gardner, Dakota Hintergardt-Anstett, Elad Israeli, Gregory Jones, David Leeper, Stacy Mercer, Crystal Mitts, Rebecca Moody, Anita Nemitz, Janet Nogal, Kara Ramboz, Phyllis Rouze, Michael Ryan, Karl Schwarz, Cassandra Scott, Hailey Slee, Tracy Tan, Amanda Vanderwyk and Mark Widdows Bellevue: Coutney Flannery Carr: Joyce Black Estes Park: Jennifer Juneau, Anthony Lasson and Brandi Lasson Laporte: Marcelle Simpson Loveland:  Stacy Adams, Mike Brown, Robert Burson, Amanda Call, Rebecca Champion, Taryn Davis, Marissa Herbert, Barbara Hoffman, Shannon Kaiser, Phyllis Monroe Corrinn Morrill Kristy Smith and Britney Toxvard Nunn: Darla Scott Wellington: Bianca Camacho, LeAnne Dingman and Ronda Donahue Windsor: Gina Asadi and Laura Pesses


IBMC Fort Collins Career Training College Student Assembly Spring 2013
These students earned top honors at IBMC career training college at the main campus.

Rising STAR Students:
Phyllis Rouze, Marcelle Simpson and Kristy Smith

STAR Student:
Gina Asadi, Katharine Massey and Nichole McPhie

Students of the Quarter:
Amanda Ellis, Jennifer Hammer and Jeff Hollcroft

Faculty of the Quarter:
Linda Ammerman

Staff of the Quarter:
Heather Pulley

To learn more about the programs and career training offered at IBMC College campus in Fort Collins, CO, please call (970) 223-2669 or visit the college degree programs‘ page .