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Greeley College Receives Donation of Legal Books for Research Library

Students in the paralegal program at IBMC College in Greeley are the recipients of a large donation of legal books for the law library on campus!

Willard Hardesty, a semi-retired lawyer from Wheat Ridge, and the uncle of Greeley student, Sylvia Lacy, donated a majority of his law book collection to IBMC in Greeley for the legal research library on campus. Bob White, paralegal instructor, was the coordinator of this acquisition. Bob rented a u-haul and coordinated the pick-up date and then began recruiting “movers.”

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IBMC College in Greeley has gratefully accepted a donation of law books for its legal research library.

The movers he found consisted of mostly Mary Matsutani, Greeley Faculty Manager, and the rest of the Matsutani family. On May 10, Bob, with the help of Mary and Kent Matsutani, their son John and his two friends, Austin Pelichowski and Joey Pokora, all traveled to Wheat Ridge to pack up more than 700 law books and 6 very large book cases.

Greeley Work Study students, three of whom are paralegal students, could not wait to take advantage of the new donation! They unpacked all of the books and placed them on the shelves for display and use. According to Bob White, Greeley IBMC now has “a law library that could rival the legal research libraries of many universities!”

Mr. Hardesty, IBMC Greeley students thank you for your generous donation! You’ve provided our students with an additional resource to help them become successful paralegals.

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