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IBMC College Hires Adjunct Instructor for Medical Assisting Degree Program

Kimberly McPhie Heidt – Adjunct Instructor – Medical Assisting Degree program

The Longmont campus of IBMC College hires Adjunct Instructor for Medical Assisting Degree program.

Kimberly McPhie Heidt is a Medical Assistant with over 35 years of professional experience in the medical field. From 2001-2012, McPhie Heidt was working as a Medical Assistant at TUCC, Urology Center of Colorado in Denver, CO. Previously she worked with two smaller family practices, the Family Physicians of Greeley, and Guber-Schiel-Malm Family Clinic in Cheyenne, WY. She also has experience working in OB/GYN at Women’s Healthcare in Littleton.

Kimberly McPhie Heidt’s professional experience speaks for itself, the knowledge and real-world experience she has will be a wonderful learning opportunity for students. Her skills and know-how will certainly be valued by the students and faculty on the IBMC College campus in Longmont.

At IBMC College, students to train in as little as 15-19 months to become Nationally Certified Medical Assistants, when following the prescribed coursework and successfully completing the necessary exams. Hands-on classes prepare students with skills needed for : injections, vital sign measurements, phlebotomy, preparation of lab specimens, equipment sterilization, EKGs, radiography, dressing changes, and suture removal, as well as administrative and front office skills.

For more information about our Medical Assisting Degree program at IBMC College in Greeley, Colorado, please visit or call (970) 356-4733.