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IBMC College Hires Adjunct Medical Laboratory Technician Instructor in Colorado Springs

IBMC College has hired Sandra DeBates to Instruct in the Medical Laboratory Technician program at the Colorado Springs campus, located at 6805 Corporate Drive. Sandra

Sandra DeBates will be a returning Instructor to IBMC College, she had previously taught classes at the former Intellitec Medical Institute, now IBMC College. Sandra is currently an Instructor and a Chemistry Supervisor at Laboratory Corporation of America in Colorado Springs. DeBates previously worked as a Supervisor at the University of Colorado Health – Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs.

DeBates attended South Dakota State University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. Sandra also holds a Certification of Specialty in Blood Banking.

Sandra DeBates has a wealth of medical experience and knowledge. Her expertise, coupled with her teaching experience will make her an asset to the Faculty in Colorado Springs.

The Medical Laboratory Technician program offers hands-on training from qualified instructors who can provide the support and guidance needed to develop your skills as a medical lab tech. Classrooms are maintained like working medical laboratories with appropriate medical equipment and an emphasis on safety, OSHA standards, universal precautions, and personal protective equipment.

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