IBMC Leadership Academy III Nominations are now Open

The Institute of Business & Medical Careers Invests in Current and Future Business Leaders Within the Organization

Ann Cross, Regional Director of Career Services for IBMC, and Michelle Blomfelt-Jabs, IBMC's Student Retention Manager were busy focusing on an assignment during LA II.

Nominations for IBMC Leadership Academy III are now being accepted for the 2012-2013 session.  LA has proven to be a successful way to grow and solidify leaders at all levels within the organization.

Top leaders at  IBMC consider its comprehensive training plan, Leadership Academy, an investment in IBMC’s future, believing that well-trained leaders are the key to a successful business.  Studies have shown that the most successful, productive business leaders receive extensive training.

Sherri McKinney and Holli Milenski Leadership Photo
Sherri McKinney (left) and Holli Milenski (right) discussed their mathematical findings with the Leadership Academy II group.

By providing the year-long training to existing and emerging leaders within the organization, the Academy accomplished three strategic goals: increase the foundational knowledge of leadership skills and traits, provide a comprehensive understanding of the functions and integrative processes within the organization and foster greater awareness of that challenges that others within the organization face each day.

Leadership Academy II: Danny Lowerins, AnneMarie Romme, Ann Cross, Sherri McKinney, Holli Milenski, Archie Guinn, Barbara Kearns and Diana Gunderson
Leadership Academy II pondered Dr. M Sanders' questions on customer service during this session of LA II.

“The knowledge I gained in Leadership Academy has helped me become a better leader.  I consistently use the skills and processes learned on a weekly, if not daily, basis.  It was a wonderful experience and one that should be shared with those wanting to better themselves as IBMC leaders.”
Maureen Seville, Regional Director of Marketing

“Leadership Academy was a great opportunity to see the business side of IBMC and the departments within the business. Since attending the academy, I have an increased awareness that the decisions I make for my team have an effect on other departments and I am more sensitive to their processes and goals.”
Angela Massengill, Faculty Manager, Cheyenne Campus

“Leadership Academy II has helped me enhance my management skills and taught me how to use specific tactics to become a stronger employee for the IBMC organization, a leader in the Marketing Department and an individual who focuses on serving unmet prospects’ needs through advertising. The business acumen sections explained each department’s inner-connectivity, which has been beneficial to find out just how vital each department’s role is in the overall health and success of IBMC as a company.”
Holli Milenski, Marketing Manager

Leadership Academy III will be led by M Sanders, Director of Corporate Training.  M Sanders holds both an MBA and Doctorate degrees and was trained in quality improvement and performance excellence by the Hogan Center for Performance Excellence in Dallas, TX.

If you are interested in applying for the Leadership Academy III class, employees must first talk with his or her individual supervisor. Once approved, please log-on to CAPS and complete all necessary paperwork by the stated due date.