The Most Important Place on Campus: Career Services

According to the article, “5 Reasons Why Career Services Is The Most Important Office On Campus,” by college and career writer, Reyna Gobel, for Forbes Magazine, the purpose of a post-secondary education is to help students find a meaningful and fulfilling career. In short, people go to college to get jobs.

Fulfilling that goal is the primary purpose of IBMC College. For more than 28 years, IBMC has provided business and career training for its students. Each IBMC student receives comprehensive assistance in career readiness and job placement, and the career services department continues to help graduates long after they have completed their education at IBMC.

The Importance of Career Services
The career services department is one of the most important on any college campus. A quality career services department provides resume writing assistance, interview training, job placement, and even help with dressing for success for meetings with potential employers. From the moment you walk on campus, IBMC’s career services department is available to you.

Planning your educational program is important for job readiness and placement upon graduation. That’s why IBMC prides itself in preparing you for your chosen field at the beginning of your educational experience rather than at the end. There’s more to job readiness than taking classes and putting together a solid resume, and IBMC knows this.
Business Relationships
One of the best resources new graduates have of making a good impression on potential employees is through referrals and relationships. IBM is committed to working closely with local businesses to keep abreast of today’s employment needs as well as future employment developments. By establishing relationships with local businesses and professionals, your employment potential is increased. Businesses and professionals trust IBMC students, and alumni are always interested in helping new graduates achieve their employment goals.
IBMC Job Placement

As a graduate of IBMC, you’ll join the ranks of some of the most highly skilled and well-trained professionals in your field of study. IBMC has an 85 percent job placement rate. This figure is based on specific guidelines as to what constitutes job placement, and includes all programs and all campuses. All placements are verified by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), IBMC’s accrediting agency. “We are proud of what our graduates are doing in the community and the impact we make not only on our graduates but also our employers in Northern Colorado and Wyoming,” says Steve Steele, CEO, IBMC College.

IBMC’s career services department is here to help you take your IBMC degree further than you ever thought possible.