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Massage Therapy is an Important Healthcare Career

If you are looking for a healthcare career, explore the Massage Therapy program at IBMC College!

In the past, a professional massage might have been considered a luxury. Today, massage therapy has been integrated into the treatment options prescribed by mainstream medical professionals. Many massage therapists still work in luxury spas or for the hospitality industry, but others work with doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists.

Highly trained massage therapists may work to improve both physical and mental health. Massage treatments help relieve chronic pain, take away the hurt from various injuries, assist people to perform better in sports, or simply improve a client’s mood. Either way, massage therapy has become a on-the-rise profession, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the demand for trained professionals is expected to grow by 26% nationally by 2026.

How to Become a Professional Massage Therapist

At our college campuses in Fort Collins, Greeley, and Longmont, IBMC College experienced instructors train future massage therapists in 10 months, when following the prescribed coursework. In the massage program, students learn therapeutic treatments, as well as techniques to encourage relaxation, so they will have the opportunity to enjoy employment in a variety of different settings.

While many students work in healthcare, others choose to establish themselves in spas, cruise ships, hotels, and a variety of other exciting settings. Also, almost half of currently working massage therapists are self-employed professionals, and they may either work out of their own clinic or travel around and visit clients at their own homes and offices. Program graduates can choose to work regular business hours or may enjoy flexible hours and a part-time work schedule.

Typical massage professionals don’t mind a physically demanding job, and they enjoy helping people.

Learn More About Massage Therapy as a Healthcare Career

We invite you to tour one of our campuses, where we offer on-site Massage Clinics – open to the public! Come speak with our professional Admissions Representatives to learn more about the rewarding massage therapy career path and IBMC’s career placement assistance.

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