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Shannon and Liz: IBMC Success Stories

Shannon Minor and Liz Barragan, graduates from IBMC College’s Therapeutic Massage program in Fort Collins, have teamed up to provide a range of massage services to clients at Alignment Natural Medicine. We recently caught up with them to ask them about their experience at IBMC College and their recent success. Here’s what they had to say…

What factors made you want to become a Massage Therapist?
Shannon: I had worked at wellness centers before and personally experienced the benefits of massage. I wanted others to experience what I had and I wanted to help them heal. When I decided to go to school, I did look at options other than IBMC College, but they didn’t seem as welcoming and the financial aid component at other schools was an obstacle.

Liz Barragan (L) and Shannon Minor (R)
Liz Barragan (L) and Shannon Minor (R)

Liz: I’ve wanted to do massage since I was little. In high school, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and I massaged her to relieve her pain. After moving to Colorado, I found IBMC College and enrolled.


What made you finally ready to make the leap and pursue career training at IBMC College?
Shannon: My husband supported me greatly and encouraged me to pursue a career that would make me happy.

Liz: IBMC had a great financial aid plan. The Admissions Staff was personable and it just “felt right.”


What was the best, most rewarding part of your program?
Shannon: I would say that the most rewarding part was working on others in clinicals.

Liz: The best part was succeeding, especially in Asian Massage! There was also a time where I was giving chair massages at an outreach event and when a man sat down at my chair, he was really restricted in his range of motion. By the time I was finished massaging his shoulder, he could move his arm a lot better. I realized I had the power to make a difference.


Was there any part of your program that made you nervous? Shannon: Clinicals made me nervous at first, but once I discovered how to work with clients’ energy, I felt a lot more comfortable. It quickly became one of my favorite parts of the program.

Liz: At first, I struggled with neck work. I was afraid that I was going to do more harm than good. Once I got over that fear, I realized that I was actually great at it!Become a massage therapist at IBMC College in Greeley, Longmont, Fort Collins, or Cheyenne


What do you enjoy most about working as a Massage Therapist?
Shannon: I really love coming to work everyday and I love being self-employed. The doctor that I work with now was very empowering and motivated me to start my own business.

Liz: I love making people feel better and helping them – helping alleviate pain and helping them to take time for themselves.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Shannon: I want to be successful and develop a large clientele base so I am able to share my gift with anyone who can benefit from it!

Liz: I want to continue working with the same great people and also continue to grow my clientele.


If a career as a Massage Therapist is something that you’re interested in, contact us today by calling 1-800-495-2669! Our programs are hands-on and accelerated, allowing you to become highly-skilled in 15 to 19 months.* With campuses in Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont and Cheyenne, you can train for a new career close to home.

*As prescribed, the Massage Therapy Degree program can be completed in 19 months, and the Diploma program can be completed in 15 months.