Student Spotlight: Amy Thompson, Longmont Medical Assisting Student

This week, the Student Spotlight shines on Amy Thompson, a student in the Medical Assisting program at IBMC College in Longmont, CO.

In order to showcase our inspiring and dedicated student body, IBMC College has created the Student Spotlight feature, which is shared on our blog, Facebook page and Twitter page. This feature highlights our Student of the Quarter winners and allows current and prospective students to take a glimpse into the lives of the people that comprise our campuses! We want YOU to know that a college education is accessible for everyone…and the array of Student Spotlights demonstrates that the “IBMC student” can be anyone who’s ready for a career change!

Here’s how Amy Thompson answered our Student Spotlight questionnaire:

1.      What was the main factor that motivated you to attend IBMC College? What program are you enrolled in? I love working with people and I really wanted to work in the medical field. I’m training at IBMC College for Medical Assisting.

2.      What is the one thing you enjoy most about being a student at IBMC? The amazing staff…and all of my instructors! The classes are small and everyone is so kind and supportive, including the students!

3.      Student of the Quarter is nominated by peers. What do you do to inspire your fellow classmates? I’m not sure – I’m funny and kind and I try to help out if I can.

4.      Who inspires YOU? My dad and my mom. They always encourage me and are so amazingly supportive.

5.      Describe IBMC in 5 words or less. IBMC has changed my life!

6.     What was the last movie you watched? Scary Movie 5 with my amazing boyfriend.

7.      If you could be anyone in the world for just one day, who would it be? Someone with a lot of money so I could put it in all in the bank accounts of my friends and family 😉

8.     What is one zany/crazy fact about yourself that most students would not know? Secret talents, have you ever been on TV, etc? I am obsessed with the TV show Breaking Bad.

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