Veterans are Eligible for Scholarships and Waived Tuition at IBMC College

The Institute of Business & Medical Careers Awarded Six Scholarships  and Waived Tuition for 44 Military Students Over the Course of a Year

On July 1, 2011, IBMC started providing Scholarships to Veterans, Active Duty members, and spouses of Active duty members. IBMC also started waiving registration fees if they qualified for a scholarship.

Veterans and spouses are eligible for IBMC scholarships and waived tuition at all area campuses in Fort Collins, CO; Greeley, CO; Longmont, CO and Cheyenne, WY.

Every Veteran who enrolled after July 1, 2011, qualifies for a $1,500 Veteran Scholarship. The only qualification for this scholarship is to provide a DD214 with an honorable or medical discharge to Admissions or to the Financial Aid office. IBMC’s Active duty and Spouse scholarships are $1,000.

The only qualification, to receive this scholarship, is to provide Admissions or the Financial Aid office a copy of one’s military ID or spouses’ military ID. All of these scholarships are typically awarded in the last ten weeks of the program.

We are pleased to announce that from July 1, 2011, to July 1, 2012, we awarded six scholarships to students furthering their education at IBMC, and we waived 44 registration fees.

“Since most of the scholarships are awarded in the last ten weeks of the student’s program, we foresee a major increase in awarded scholarships this upcoming year. The scholarships may be used toward medical classes, business programs, massage career training or paralegal studies courses.” Jon Dechant, Title IV Audit, Training and VA Compliance Manager, IBMC

If you have any questions regarding these scholarships or any other Veteran education benefit, please contact the Veteran services department at or by calling 800-495-2669.

Written by:
Jon Dechant, Guest Blogger
Title IV Audit, Training and VA Compliance Manager
Institute of Business & Medical Careers
Fort Collins Campus
3842 S. Mason Street
Fort Collins, CO 80525