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Start your skin care career with an Esthetician Certificate from IBMC College in Colorado. This certificate program offered at our Fort Collins and Longmont campuses provides in-depth instruction in skin care and salon and business skills. Upon completion of the certificate program, our students take the Colorado Esthetician Examination for licensure.

As an Esthetician student, you will receive both classroom and lab experience throughout this six -month certificate program, as prescribed. Our small class sizes of 25 students in the classroom and 20 in labs allow students ample one-on-one instruction from our expert faculty. The IBMC College Esthetician school gives students real world experience providing skin care services in IBMC College Student Beauty Services Clinics.

Licensed Estheticians work in a number of different skin care settings. Many of our alumni go on to work at hair and beauty salons, day spas, residential facilities, department stores, cruise lines, or medical offices. With Esthetician jobs expected to rise 12% nationwide through 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is no better time to enroll in the Esthetician program than now.

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What to Expect as an Esthetician Student

As an Esthetician certificate student at IBMC College, you will gain practical skills needed to help individuals overcome skin care difficulties and perform skin care procedures and consulting. The IBMC College full-time faculty hold more than 150 years of collective experience in their respective disciplines, allowing them to provide unique, relevant classroom lessons and labs. The Esthetician training program is offered at our Fort Collins and and Longmont campuses in Colorado.

Students can complete the 600 hours of required classwork for the Esthetician certificate over a 6-month period, as prescribed. Courses include both lectures and labs covering topics like facials and skin care, makeup application, and hair removal services. Esthetician students also receive training in safety, professional work habits, and rules and regulations, and business management. After all coursework is complete, our Esthetician students take the State Board Examination for licensure.

Student Beauty Clinics

All of our Esthetician students gain real world experience practicing skin care treatments in the IBMC College Student Beauty Services Clinics. With supervision by licensed educators, our Estheticians in-training practice skin care treatments and consulting with real customers to build confidence and skills for success.

Learn more about our Colorado Student Beauty Services Clinics

What to Expect as a Esthetician Student

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What is an Esthetician Certificate?

The esthetician certificate program provides in-depth classes to train students in skin care topics like facials, hair removal, and makeup, as well as business and salon management. Upon completion of the program, Esthetician students take the Colorado State Board Exam to become licensed estheticians and begin skin care careers.

Licensed Estheticians can work in careers such as:

  • Skin Care Specialist
  • Spa or Salon Esthetician
  • Salon Operator
  • Wax Specialist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Beauty Advisor
  • Cosmetics Buyer

Learn more about the Esthetician program objectives here.

How to Become an Esthetician in Colorado

Step 1: Complete High School or GED equivalent.

Step 2: Enroll in the Esthetician Certificate Program

Getting an esthetician certificate will prepare you for licensing and your career. Select the Colorado campus location and esthetician class times that work best for you. The IBMC College Cosmetology school offers classes in Fort Collins and Longmont.

Step 3: Attend the Esthetician Program Classes

Participate in the Esthetician certificate classes that meet Tuesday-Friday. In the required courses and labs for Esthetician training, you will master topics including facials and skin care, facial makeup, hair removal, business management, ethics, and safe work practices. You will also gain real world experience practicing your newly acquired skin care skills working in the Student Beauty Services Clinic.

Step 4: Pass the Colorado Esthetician Examination

At the end of the certificate program, you will be prepared to take the Colorado Esthetician Exam for licensure. This exam includes both a written and practical portion testing your knowledge and skills. Once you obtain your esthetics license, you are able to obtain an Esthetician job in Colorado.

How Does the Esthetician Certificate Differ from Other IMBC Beauty Programs?

The Esthetician program is a certificate program to give students a foundation of skills and knowledge needed for specific areas of skin care, facials, makeup application, and hair removal.

IBMC College offers a Cosmetology diploma program, which includes beauty classes covering hairstyling, nails, and skin care, and a Hairstyling certificate program for those who want to focus solely on hair cuts, coloring, and treatment.

The Esthetician certificate program at IBMC College lasts about 6 months, as prescribed. The Cosmetology program takes about 14 months and the Hairstyling certificate takes about 12 months, as prescribed .

How Long Does it Take to Get an Esthetician Certificate?

The Esthetician certificate program takes about 6 months to complete (600 clock hours), as prescribed.

Where are Esthetician classes offered?

IBMC College offers Esthetician classes at the Fort Collins and Longmont campuses in Colorado. Estheticians in-training will also work at the Student Beauty Services Clinic located on these campuses, as well.

How Much Does the Esthetician Certificate Program Cost?

The Esthetician certificate program costs include:
– $6,996 for tuition and fees
– $425 for program kit that includes makeup kit with carrying case, student esthetician kit with carrying case and personalized name badge
– $10,232 for estimated off-campus room and board (if applicable)

* This information is current as of November 2017. Please visit the Net Price Calculator for an individual cost estimate based on your current financial information.

Is IBMC College the Right Esthetician School for Me?

IBMC College has been providing career training to students in specialized fields for over 28 years. At IBMC College, you will receive hands-on Esthetician training that will allow you to gain confidence and the skills you need to succeed in the beauty field. You will learn from our experienced instructors who bring years of industry knowledge to Esthetician lectures and labs. Each Esthetician class is capped at 25 students in the classroom and 20 students for labs so you can get the one-on-one attention and training you want. Our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities make IBMC College an ideal learning environment. Find out what makes IBMC different from other Esthetician schools.

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What Does an Esthetician Do?

Estheticians are licensed skin care professionals who work in a variety of settings including salons, spas, waxing salons, medical offices, dermatologist offices, and retail. They perform skin care procedures such as facials, waxing, and hair removal. Some licensed estheticians choose to become beauty consultants or make-up artists.

Estheticians provide consultation like evaluating skin conditions and appearances, discussing treatments to improve skin quality, providing skin care best practices and product recommendations, and makeup advisement. Licensed estheticians are able to perform standard skin care procedures and provide skin care consulting; however they are not allowed to diagnose or treat skin diseases. Instead, they would refer clients to other skincare specialists, like a dermatologist, for serious skin conditions.

Is Esthetician a Good Career?

Yes! Now is an exceptionally good time to become a licensed Esthetician. With Esthetician job growth expected to increase much faster than average nationally over the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is a great time to enter the market as a skin care professional.

Where Can an Esthetician Work?

Estheticians can work in a variety of beauty settings. Many of our Esthetician program alumni go on to work in places like:
– Salons and Spas
– Dermatologist Offices
– Resorts
– Waxing Salons
– Medical Offices
– Cosmetic Brands
– Retail

How Much Do Estheticians Make in Colorado?

An Esthetician salary varies depending on the type of Esthetician career you decide to pursue. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for skin care specialists is $30,274 ($14.55 hourly). This number is expected to rise as the demand for Estheticians increases with the aging population.

Can You Be an Esthetician with a Cosmetology License?

It is possible to become an Esthetician with a Cosmetology license in Colorado; however, you must pass the Colorado Esthetician Exam as well. Credit hours of training from Cosmetology can be applied to your Esthetician training hours, however, there may be some additional coursework needed depending on your situation. Contact the admissions team for more details.

What Skills Do I Need To Be a Successful Esthetician?

Creativity: To be a successful Esthetician, you need to be on top of trends. Creativity will be a key to success as you’ll need to provide makeup and skin recommendations and services.

Detail-Oriented: Precision is vital to success as an Esthetician. You will be providing beauty services to clients and will need to pay close attention to detail as the slightest detail will change someone’s appearance.

Physical Stamina/Strength: Estheticians are on their feet for the majority of the day and using their arms to apply makeup or skincare treatments. You will be expected to see many clients in a row at times without much recovery time, making physical stamina a must.

Communication: As a professional offering skincare consultation, you will need excellent communication skills when working with clients. They will be looking to you for guidance and reassurance. and yYour communication skills will help them feel at ease.

Business Skills: Being able to run a salon, spa, or independent esthetics practice requires good business and marketing skills. Accounting, personnel management, and administrative tasks are important for staying organized and being profitable.

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