See what others are saying

" IBMC has been one of the best decisions I've made! I have gained so much self-confidence. "

— Xenia Maldonado, Greeley Campus

" Going back to school as an adult with a family takes a lot of dedication, but it has all been worth it to further my career in the medical field. "

— Marina Hough, Fort Collins Campus

" The team at IBMC was determined to see me succeed. It helped me realize if you put the work in, you can achieve anything. "

— Anai Ferrachi, Fort Collins Campus

" I have used the skills I learned at IBMC in my new career every day. I love what I do now! "

— Tania Maldonado, Longmont Campus

" As a working student, IBMC was able to help me manage my time between work and pursuing my education goals. "

— Rowena Hutchinson, Longmont Campus

" IBMC opened my eyes to a brighter future for myself and my son. "

— Robin Selman, Longmont Campus

" I was afraid to go back to school, but once I realized how much support I had from the team at IBMC, I knew I could accomplish anything! "

— Anthony Maldonado, Greeley Campus

" IBMC helped me realize that putting myself and my education first was important. "

— Joanelle Gonzales, Longmont Campus

" The instructors were always there to help and willing to work with me when I faced challenges. "

— Yesenia Morales-Aragon, Greeley Campus

" IBMC has given me new opportunities to improve my life, new friendships and networking opportunities. "

— Miryam Calderon, Longmont Campus

" Focus on your skills and they will see you through to the end. "

— Allan Gardner, Fort Collins Campus

" I have really enjoyed the small class sizes at IBMC. It made it so easy to learn and to get to know my fellow students! "

— Amanda Call, Fort Collins Campus

" The reason I attended IBMC was to expand my knowledge in a field I have always been interested in. This is the first step to my new future as a Medical Assistant! "

— Dakota Hintergardt-Anstelt, Fort Collins Campus

" Attending IBMC helped me achieve what I thought was impossible! "

— Danielle Neidigh, Greeley Campus

" To be passionate about what I do and being able to help others is the greatest gift I could give or receive. "

— Dawna Herring, Longmont Campus

" I have finally been able to pull away from those who were holding me back. Nothing can hold me back now! "

— Elisa Perches, Greeley Campus

" I've become a better person, inside and out. I've been able to show my family that it's never too late to do something positive with your life! "

— Erika Fraire, Longmont Campus

" My college experience has been wonderful! The personal growth and wealth of information I have gained has and will continue to help me move forward in my career. "

— Helen Loffhagen, Greeley Campus

" I came to IBMC to further my education, find a career path that I will enjoy each and every day, and be a good role model for my younger siblings. "

— Jasmin Chico, Longmont Campus

" After graduation, I am looking forward to owning my own business and eventually furthering my education. "

— Kayla Schwegman, Fort Collins Campus

" I have enjoyed the flexible class schedule, the amazing staff and instructors who made learning fun! "

— Lauren Hopp, Longmont Campus

" My experience as an IBMC student was very meaningful to me - I met new friends and received valuable hands-on training! "

— Nancy Garcia, Greeley Campus

" IBMC helped me become more positive, gain confidence, open up and be more social, and improve my time management skills. "

— Rachel Frysig, Longmont Campus

" I have enjoyed every minute at IBMC - I love the caring nature of the staff and faculty. "

— RJ Sadusky, Fort Collins Campus

" I want to thank everyone involved in making IBMC such a great place to get an excellent education. I am proud to say I am a graduate of this college! "

— Staci Caddy, Greeley Campus

" I have created a stepping stone to obtain my future goals. I have gained confidence in myself and my ability to use the knowledge and skills I've learned during my time at IBMC. "

— Tamara Owens, Fort Collins Campus

" After graduation, I am looking forward to having a career that I love and am prepared for! "

— Tina Souza, Greeley Campus

" It was difficult at times, but everyone here was so encouraging! I have met some of the most amazing people; new friends who I will always cherish. "

— Tonya Dodson, Longmont Campus